Russian missile attack on Chernihiv city

UN condemns ‘heinous’ Russian missile attack on Chernihiv city centre

The UN’s humanitarian coordinator for Ukraine has condemned a Russian missile attack on Chernihiv’s city centre that killed at least seven and wounded
F-16 fighter jet for Ukraine - USA

US approves sending F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine

The United States has approved sending F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine from Denmark and the Netherlands as soon as pilot training is completed
weapons to Ukraine - cannot win peace

Arming Ukraine ‘cannot win peace’: China tells UN

Beijing’s deputy permanent representative at the UN, Ambassador Geng Shuang, told a UN Security Council briefing that arming Ukraine “cannot win peace.”
Russian rubles to USD

Russian ruble trades steady against the dollar

The Russian ruble traded steady against the dollar, recovering from the day before when the central bank hiked its key rate to 12 percent after an
US rock band The Killers

US rock band apologises for inviting Russian on stage in Georgia

US rock band The Killers has apologised after being booed for inviting a Russian fan on stage during a concert in Georgia.
MIG-29 jet Russian Norwegian dispute

Russia scrambles MIG-29 jet due to Norwegian plane

Russia’s Ministry of Defence says it has scrambled a MIG-29 jet after a Norwegian air force plane neared Russian airspace off Russia’s Arctic coast.
Ukraine drones attacks (Moscow drone attacks)

20 Ukrainian drones destroyed over Crimea: Russia says

Russian forces reportedly destroyed a wave of 20 Ukrainian drones over the Crimean Peninsula, which Russia has occupied.
Israel Ukraine visa-free programme

Ukraine may cancel visa-free programme with Israel

Ukraine is considering cancelling its visa-free programme with Israel and will request the country be excluded from the

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Blast at an optics factory in Russia

Blast at optics factory injures 45 people in Russia

A blast at an optics and optical electronics factory in Russia has injured at least 45 people, local authorities say. Emergency services said the blast appeared to have occurred in a warehouse...